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The following page lists the specifications that were successfully submitted

*Technlscher Anhang zum Vertrag uber die Zulassung als Netzbetreiber im electronic-cash-System der deutschen Kredltwirtschaft, abbr. TA 7.2 - v. 7.2, 15.08.2016

And its annexes

  • Schnlttstellenspezifikation fur chip-basierte EMV Debit/Credit-Anwendungen - POS-Termlnals, abbr. DC POS 3.0 v3.0, 15.08.2016

  • Terminalmanagement fUr EMV-Applikationen, Fachkonzept, abbr TM DC v1.6, 15.08.2016

For more information on the Labelling process, please refer to this page.



The ECSG, its officers, staff and the members of the VCMC accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided through self-declaration by the Submitters of the Labelled Specifications listed above. It is the responsibility of each Submitter to ensure that its Labelled Specification(s) comply with the relevant requirements set out in the Volume. The inclusion of a Labelled Specification in the above list does not imply any undertaking, warranty or representation by the ECSG, its staff or members of the VCMC as to the Volume-conformance of such specification.

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