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The aim of the Label is to demonstrate that:

1)    The Implementation Specification conforms to the high-level requirements of the Volume. (Note that only Books 2, Book 3 and Book 4 are in the scope of the ECSG labelling).

2)    The Specification Provider has established procedures compliant with the procedural requirements described below which are aimed at ensuring:

a.    The setup of a governance structure open to stakeholders interested by the implementation of the specification (e.g., Solution providers);
b.    The maintenance of the implementation specification;
c.    The availability of information to solution providers about how their solutions will be certified;
d.    The interoperability of solutions once they are deployed in the field.

The Specifications Provider shall provide the Labelling Entity (VCMC) with a fully completed form for each single specification for which a Label is requested. The specification’s documentation accompanying the labelling request shall be provided in English.

On a regular basis and at least annually, the Specification Provider shall check if there is any significant change in the Volume or its Implementation Specification or its related procedures (e.g., governance, maintenance) which would require the specification provider to reapply for a Volume Label. After the label is granted by the ECSG, it remains valid for a period of 3 years, after which an update can be sought via a similar process.

VCMC Responsibilities within the Labelling process

Within the Labelling process the VCMC will perform the following tasks:

•    Receive Labelling requests from Specification Providers;
•    Verify that all necessary documentation has been provided;
•    Grant a Label after positive review;
•    Make Labels publicly available;
•    Update Labels granted;
•    Manage disputes.

ECSG Granted Conformant Labels

Please refer to this page for an overview of specifications with granted labels.

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