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Tokenisation of Card Transaction

The ECSG has adopted out a holistic approach covering different tokenisation models (issuer, acquirer, merchant) to provide a view on both payment and non-payment tokens.

The result of the analysis led to the redaction of a new book, called the Tokenisation Annex to the Volume.

This book recommends the adoption of global standards and guidelines from EMVCo and PCI, among others, while also opening to other existing payment token solutions such as the ‘alternate PAN’ or ‘dynamic’ virtual numbers.

The book includes considerations about the role of the Token Service Provider, which resulted in the adoption of a specific Business Principle.

It addressed the needs of the retailers deriving from the introduction of tokenisation, particularly regarding the benefits of the EMVCo Payment Account Reference (PAR) data element.

It also clarified the flexibility needed around the generation of the PAR, explored the links between co-badging and tokenisation and considered the impacts on tokenisation of European regulation, especially the GDPR.

Here the link to download the Tokenisation Annex . 

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